About the Sparks Art Walk

The Sparks Art Walk is a curated collection that will showcase regularly rotating installed art throughout Victorian Square in downtown Sparks, Nevada. This program is designed to enhance the local environment and promote the understanding and enjoyment of public art by inviting artists to temporarily exhibit artworks in selected areas. Collections will rotate every two years.


  • Create attractive public environments by integrating outdoor art into public spaces;
  • Showcase public art that celebrates Sparks’ historical and aesthetic values;
  • Invest in Sparks’ cultural environment;
  • Enhance the character of Sparks through visibility of community-valued artworks;
  • Promote public participation and interaction with artists and artwork; and
  • Stimulate the downtown economy through increased pedestrian activity and organized art walks, events and educational opportunities.

This program is the first initiative that was recommended in the downtown creative placemaking plan, Together We See Sparks Creative Placemaking Plan for Victorian Square, approved by City Council in May 2020. This plan is part of the renewed embrace of using art to complement the downtown region as a gathering place for the citizens and visitors.

About Our Partners

City of Sparks: Arts
Support, Invest, Nurture and Encourage.

The City of Sparks Arts and Culture Advisory Committee supports the community by facilitating investment in the arts and culture in order to nurture creative communities, enhance quality of life and encourage civic pride.

39 North Downtown
The primary purpose of this website and the 39 North Downtown organization is to share our knowledge about Sparks NV Downtown Business and to promote increased growth for the area to bring it back to one of vitality and prosperity. Click here to see how to get involved: Art Walk Program 2021 Merchant Flyer

Sierra Arts Foundation
Sierra Arts Foundation is a leader in the Northern Nevada arts community. Fifty years strong, we work to teach, nurture, and support all of Northern Nevada communities through the arts.

Cordillera Film Festival
As a champion of diverse voices and curator of independent stories for the screen, the Cordillera International Film Festival strives to showcase the best in film while providing an environment for emerging and established artists to create and thrive.

Galleries on VIC
In partnership with Sierra Arts Foundation, merchants downtown participate in this gallery program showing art curated by SAF to showcase local artists in this vibrant setting. The artwork is rotated quarterly, and artist receptions are held on a periodic basis.

Sparks Heritage Museum
New to northern Nevada? Lived here all your life?

Either way, the Sparks Heritage Museum and Cultural Center has exhibits and programs to delight and amaze you. From rough and tumble western, halcyon railroad town and now a thriving city, you will see artifacts and hear the stories meet the people who shaped Sparks.